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About Eva

I started this company with three kinds of women in mind.Women who already know a lot about skin care products - but have longed for a simpler daily regimen without compromising quality or results. Women who have been overwhelmed and confused by the amount of complex products, philosophies, and promises made. And women who know what they need and like to use at home, but want a pared down line of products to travel with whether for business, pleasure, or just to the gym.

For some time I've had the crazy notion that with so many things in life being complex and challenging and our days seeming fuller yet still somehow shorter.some things we need and want could be simpler. Less actually can be more. And we shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for simplicity.

I believe that as smart women we have to make commitments to ourselves and to the care of our bodies in order to improve the quality of our lives. We should be spoken to directly and educated about our options, but the commitments themselves can be smart and simple.

Lastly, I wanted my own wish list fulfilled. I was born in Sweden with a great long heritage of fair skin that's prone to skin cancer. (My mother began developing skin cancer when I was quite young due to years of fashionable time in the sun without the knowledge of its eventual toll.) Naturally, I wanted products that protect my face and give me the best odds for looking as good as I can. Who wouldn't want this? I went through mounds of research and tested hundreds of formulations to come up with this line. It's my pilot line for other ideas that I can't wait to show you. Read about these products and give them a try. Stay with them for a while so you can see how well they work. I guarantee you'll be back.